Maximizing Your Fleet’s Fuel Efficiency

Posted by developer on 01/01/1970


When your business relies on a fleet of trucks, the fuel charges are a significant but absolutely necessary part of your operating budget. But what if there were easy paths to improving truck fuel efficiency? Truck fleet fuel economy can be controlled somewhat when you take active measures to educate your drivers and maintain your trucks.

Here’s a look at the best ways to improve truck fleet fuel efficiency:

  • Inflate Tires: Tires that are low on air pressure make the engine work harder, which means you’re burning more fuel. Make sure that tires are always inflated to the proper pressure, and you’ll find that you boost gas mileage over time.
  • Avoid Idling: When you’re idling, you’re not getting anywhere — but you’re still burning fuel. Any vehicle needs to idle from time to time, like at stoplights, for example. But long idles do nothing but burn gas and should be avoided at all costs.
  • Keep Up With Maintenance: A number of maintenance tasks can help keep vehicles more fuel-efficient. For example, getting tires aligned, replacing filters and changing oil are all small maintenance tasks that help boost efficiency. So make sure each of your vehicles is on a regular maintenance schedule that is adhered to.
  • Limit AC Use: Always use the air conditioner when it’s needed. But, if it’s better to roll down the windows or to go without AC at all, consider doing so. Running the AC is just another fuel burner that should be avoided whenever possible.
  • Keep to the Speed Limit: The faster you go, the more fuel you’re going to burn. So make sure that your drivers are keeping to the posted speed limits, or at least as close to the speed limits as possible.
  • Engage Cruise Control: Encourage your drivers to use cruise control whenever possible. By design, cruise control keeps a truck moving at a nice steady pace that is best for maximizing fuel efficiency.
  • Add Aerodynamics: Anything you can do to reduce drag on your vehicles is going to help you improve fuel efficiency. Depending on the type of vehicles you have, you should enjoy access to a wide range of aerodynamic equipment that you can use to reduce drag and boost efficiency. This equipment should pay for itself over time in savings on fuel.
  • Rethink Routing: Are your drivers taking the most efficient routes? Reconsider how you’re routing your drivers, and consider engaging smart technology that can help you make the most intuitive and energy-efficient assignments possible.
  • Buy Gas First Thing: Studies suggest that gas is most dense in the morning when the temperatures are low from overnight. That means you actually get more gas for your money versus filling it up in the hottest parts of the day when gas is least dense.

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