HD Crane Bodies



The 12-Series HD crane truck features a standard nine-foot crane body built for a crane rating up to 3,200 pounds (12,000 ft. lb.) and a 60-inch cab-to-axle chassis. Models come available 89-inch wide for narrow width rear axle GM chassis’ or 96-inch wide for Ford and Ram chassis’. You benefit from flush mount doors with internal hidden hinges for improved safety and a smooth body surface that’s perfect for applying custom graphics or a company logo. All of our Master Mechanic Series heavy-duty crane trucks feature a minimum of two full-width horizontal cross members for a reinforced substructure that outperforms the competition.

 Recommended chassis: Class III  (F-350, 3500HD, Ram 3500, etc.)



Get more done with the versatile 25-Series truck body offering an array of features designed to increase safety and productivity. Units feature an 11-foot crane body built for a crane rating up to 5,000 pounds (25,000 ft. lb.) and an 84-inch cab-to-axle chassis. External storage compartments can be set up to your specifications thanks to eight infinitely adjustable shelves that operate on unistrut channel mounts. All of our HD crane trucks are designed with integrated tie-downs for an unobstructed bed surface as well as ribbed inner door and floor panels capable of standing up to heavy use.

Recommended chassis: Class IV  (F-450, 4500HD, Ram 4500, etc.)



The 45-Series HD crane body offers an impressive combination of versatility, mobility and productivity. This model has a standard 11-foot crane body built for a crane rating up to 7,500 pounds (45,000 ft. lb.) and an 84-inch cab-to-axle chassis. Workers benefit from ample interior and exterior storage that allows for easy curbside access to tools and supplies and secures items safely with a 3-point locking system. Master Mechanic Series crane bodies feature 360-degree pivotable external lighting for improved visibility and compression style handles on compartments that are easy to grab with a gloved hand.

Recommended chassis: Class V  (F-550, 5500HD, Ram 5500, etc.)



The 78-Series heavy-duty crane truck body is built to withstand the most challenging environmental conditions and power through the toughest applications. Units come available as an 11-foot or 14-foot crane body built for a crane rating up to 12,000 pounds. (78,000 ft. lb.) 11 feet fits an 84-inch cab-to-axle chassis and 14 feet fits a 120-inch cab-to-axle chassis. Features such as Redi-Safe non-skid applications, rubberized undercoating and tread plate surfaces add to this HD truck body’s impressive durability.

Recommended chassis: Class VI  (F-650, F-750, Peterbilt, Kenworth, etc.)

Whether you work in construction and contracting, oil and gas or cable and utilities, the quality and capabilities of your equipment are critical to your success. For many service professionals, that means finding the perfect solution from among many different service truck crane body options.

But not all service truck crane bodies are created equal. Most service professionals need a crane body truck that can go where they need it to go, do what they need it to do, and withstand the harsh conditions and pressures of getting the job done every day. When you require a heavy-duty crane truck that offers the durability and functionality you need at a competitive price, Reading Truck Body is fully equipped to meet your particular requirements.

Designs Based on Your Unique Needs

The RUGGEDLY REFINED Master Mechanic™ Series design is the result of over 40 years of custom body building experience coupled with valuable input from the end-user community and our loyal customer base. And that last part is incredibly important when it comes to finding the right service truck crane body: there’s nothing better than feedback and input from those who are out in the field and doing the work on a daily basis.

Our Master Mechanic™ crane bodies include more standard features and benefits than our competitors’ standard production bodies — Feature Superior + Price Competitive = best overall VALUE available. All of our HD crane truck bodies for sale are manufactured in the United States to the highest standards and come available with some of the best warranty options in the industry. And you should demand the highest standards when searching for utility truck cranes. Get the best when you choose Reading Truck Body.

Tough Service Truck Crane Bodies for Harsh Conditions


Working as a service professional is challenging, both for you and your equipment. That’s why you need a service truck crane body that is just as tough as you are and that can get the job done under the toughest circumstances.

At Reading Truck Body, our heavy-duty Master Mechanic™ Series Crane Bodies are designed and manufactured to withstand the harshest environments and most demanding applications in field us while providing the user with the highest quality, most user-friendly, versatile, functional, and safe body available. The modular design can be custom-configured to your particular needs and is less expensive to replace or repair in case of damage.

All of our truck bodies receive a revolutionary and eco-friendly preparation and finishing process that provides lasting strength and durability. You won’t find the same range of benefits and toughness when you shop service truck crane bodies with other providers.

Why Choose Reading Truck Body?

Since 1955, Reading Truck Body has been a leading source of product innovation and advancement. Today, we are one of the largest and most trusted manufacturers of truck equipment, service trucks and truck bodies in the industry. It’s our goal to provide the quality and value consumers, dealers, distributors and fleet owners are looking for at a price that’s right for your bottom line.

We are committed to delivering products that meet your unique needs, whether you’re in the market for a service truck crane body or another one of our products.

Explore Your Many Service Truck Crane Body Options

Are you ready to discover your best options from among different utility truck cranes? Learn more about our line of heavy-duty crane trucks below, and explore the links for detailed specifications and additional options. We offer HD crane bodies ranging from nine to 14 feet and crane rated weight capacities up to 12,000 pounds.

We’re headquartered in Reading, PA and have strategically placed authorized distributors and upfit locations serving customers throughout North America. If you have questions or need expert guidance as you look through our selection, get in touch with us at any time. Browse our service truck crane bodies below — and find your perfect option today!